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Our Company has four main plantations in different locations in the Ping Le & Ling Chuan County.
 Organic Chinese Blackberry cultivation
    In the tall mountains of “Da Yao” Mountain Range, Dafa Town, Ping Le County, Guilin, the extra-ordinary elements of air quality, water and soil surrounded by mist all year around contributes to the unique natural environment where wild animals flourish. It is one of the home habitats of Chinese Blackberry where our EU certified organic cultivation of 1,500Mu (100 hectares) is situated with an expanding crop up to about 100MT annually. Since the first certification in 2006, we followed strictly the rules of EU Organic Certification including traceability, documentation and quality assurance. We have successfully turned out an approved quality according to the strict rules of the EU organic certification in subsequent annual certifications.

  Organic Staraniseeds Farms
   Established in 2004 and first certified EU Organic in 2006, our Organic Staraniseeds Farms are situated in Si Chong village, Da Fa town, Ping Le County, Guilin. Our farms cover 300 Mu ( 20 hectares ) and the Staraniseeds have reached their maturity yielding best crop expanding to 15MT annually. Manual weeding, collection and processing of organic requirements enable a quality of good color and strong aroma. For years, our products are tested clean by laboratory appointed by EU Organic Certification Organization.

  Controlled Cultivation of Chinese Blackberry
    Since 2007 we started controlled cultivation and were the first company to operate a Co-op type of cooperation of Company + Cultivation base + farmers in Ping Le County, Guilin. We have gained good experience in how to produce a reliable, safe and good quality for which our customers give us their credit and approval.
    Over the years, we spent efforts in promoting the concept of green cultivation to farmers and through constant contact with farmers we have built up a data base of farmers’ situation ability and credibility.
    We have spent efforts also in improving farmers’ livelihood and production technique, an aspect of social responsibility of business enterprise.
    The acreage of our controlled cultivation is about 3,500 Mu (233.33 hectares) with crop yield expanding to 250MT annually. We have complete documentation of the farmers and cultivation enabling traceability and with regular contact we are able to classify materials from different farmers in a zoning system in final processing.
    Our materials meet the EU import regulations.

  Controlled Cultivation of Fennel seeds
    For years we have controlled cultivation of Fennel seeds in Dong Hu Town, Min Qin County, Gansu and Hai Yuan County, Zhong Wei, Ningxia with local field managers monitoring the cultivation process. The annual crop is up to 500MT of fennel seeds meeting the EU import regulations with nice green color, strong aroma, no admixture and pesticides residues requirements.

  Controlled Cultivation of Barley Farm
     In the outskirts of Guilin City, we set up Barley farm of 1,500Mu in 2015. Choice of fields is based on assessment on soil pesticides residues and fertility as well as environment requiring no cultivation with chemicals nearby and no possible contamination from operating mines within 3KM. The whole cultivation is closely monitored and complete documentation is established. Sowing of barley seeds is done according to the test result of the soil fertility and is then classified in different batches according which the raw materials are processed separately. All end products must be tested to be without pesticides residues.

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